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SALE // Purple Rainbows Minky Blanket // Large Lovey Size

SALE // Purple Rainbows Minky Blanket // Large Lovey Size

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This is a beautiful, ultra soft minky blanket for your little one. It features a modern, designer print created by an independent graphic designer and custom printed onto minky fabric. You can't purchase these prints at any fabric store! It is backed with the best minky fabric in a variety of dotted or plush options.

This is a definitely a keepsake blanket and will be the hit of any baby shower. I try to pick on-trend, modern prints, perfect for the modern mom and nursery. It can be even more special when you add embroidery and have it personalized with your little ones name.

FABRIC DETAILS: Front: Purple Rainbows Designer Minky / Back: Shannon Fabrics Purple Plush Minky

SIZING: Large Lovey - the perfect size to throw over babe in the car seat, and for your little one to carry around. Approx. 17” x 26”.

MINKY FABRIC: Minky is an ultra soft fabric, loved by babies and adults. Minky is 100% polyester, and it does not shed once it has been sewn together. The colours stay bright and vibrant and do not fade with washing. To keep your blanket in the best condition possible, please refer below to our recommended laundry instructions.

1. Please wash before first use. There may be some fluff left on your blanket from when it was made.
2. Machine wash in cold.
3. Tumble-dry low or air fluff. Your blanket will dry very quickly and only needs a few minutes in the dryer.

Made with LOVE in a smoke free home, by one very busy mom of 6 little ones.